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PogoTec™, Inc. seeks to transform the way consumers capture and share images and videos from their surroundings, by innovating interactive, sophisticated and accessible technology solutions that unobtrusively enhance consumers’ daily lives. As the smartphone and the selfie camera innovated photography, our first product, PogoCam, offers a new medium of photography with unique technological and design advantages. PogoCam is an ultra-compact, wearable camera that allows users to capture photos and high definition (HD) video with audio from point of view without having to fumble for a phone or wear large, unsightly, cameras attached to equally unsightly headgear. PogoCam allows consumers to experience the moment instead of missing out by staring at their screens.

PogoTec’s management team and Board of Directors have extensive experience in creating and commercializing innovation. PogoTec has been extremely diligent in protecting its intellectual property and has numerous patent applications filed around the world.

PogoTec filed an Offering Statement on Form 1-A with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to launch a Regulation A+ initial public offering (“IPO”). This filing came on the same day the company announced the purchase availability of PogoCam.

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PogoTec Management Team

Chief Executive Officer and President

Brendan Sheil

Chief Commercial Officer

Joshua Schoenbart

Chief Financial Officer

Diane Munn

Chief Operating Officer

Timothy Haley

Chief Technology Officer

William Kokonaski

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

Ron Blum