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The PogoTec mission

To help you live life while effortlessly capturing its best moments.

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We believe…

Life needs more viewing and fewer viewfinders.

Every day people are watching their life unfold from behind a tiny screen. PogoCam was born of the belief that great moments should be captured while staying in the moment. How? Keep your hands and heart focused on the experience, and let us take the picture.

Hand holding PogoCam showing how tiny it is

Technology doesn’t have to be bulky or ugly.

Unlike other camera gear and wearable glasses available these days, we created the world’s smallest and lightest camera attachable to virtually all glasses — so you’ll actually want to wear it. And, we think it’s important for you to keep your unique style.

Reach out.

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We are PogoTec

Take a look at the leaders who’ve brought you PogoCam.

Ron Blum, OD - Founder, President, and CEO of PogoTec
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Ron Blum, OD

Founder, President & CEO

Ronald D. Blum, O.D. is a visionary, innovator and businessman. He has invented, co-invented, or helped to develop nine different products, technologies or IP portfolios, which have been licensed or sold to global billion dollar companies.

Tim Haley - Chief Operating Officer at PogoTec
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Tim Haley

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Haley brings three decades of CEO, and other senior management, experience for VC-backed companies in the wireless industry and for other PE backed high-tech manufacturing and service companies.

Diane Munn - Chief Financial Officer at PogoTec
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Diane Munn

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Munn has been leading finance and accounting operations for companies with global operations for over 25 years. Previously, she held executive and senior level positions with Pearson, Boeing, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and more.

Bill Kokonaski - Chief Technology Officer at PogoTec
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Bill Kokonaski

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Kokonaski has significant experience inventing, developing, and commercializing technology products. He is the former CTO of PixelOptics, which pioneered the development of electronic, auto-focusing eyewear.

Joshua Schoenbart - VP of Business Development at PogoTec
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Joshua Schoenbart

VP of Corporate Development

Mr. Schoenbart is a millennial entrepreneur, alumnus of Dartmouth College, a member of the United States G20 YEA Delegation and World Entrepreneurship Forum, and Future Global Leader Award recipient from Web Summit 2014.

Richard Clompus, OD, FAAO - VP of Communications at PogoTec
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Richard Clompus

VP of Communications

Dr. Clompus has significant experience in communication programs, digital photography, and video for global companies. He has served as director and president of The Vision Care Institute, LLC (owned by J&J), and has held VP roles at CooperVision Inc. and PixelOptics.

Michael Plaksin - SVP of Sales & Marketing at PogoTec
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Michael Plaksin

SVP of Sales & Marketing

Mr. Plaksin brings over 20 years of experience developing diversified channels of distribution. He has helped generate multi-billion-dollar business programs at companies like Packard Bell, AST Computers, ATP Electronics, and Motorola.

John Blake - Sr. Director of Eyewear Channel Sales at PogoTec
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John Blake

Sr. Director Eyewear Channel Sales

Mr. Blake has more than four decades of sales and management experience in the optical channel, most recently helping Safilo lead market share in frames sold in the US. He posesses a deep knowledge of the Eye Care Provider channel including the managed care challenges ECPs face.