PogoTec Launches Removable Camera for Eyeglass Frames

PogoTec Launches Removable Camera for Eyeglass Frames

NEW YORK – Executives from PogoTec Inc. introduced PogoCam, a small camera designed to attach to eyeglass frames, at a company-sponsored press conference here at Vision Expo East.

Richard Clompus, OD, vice president of communication for PogoTec, said at the press conference that the camera, which is small enough to easily fit into a pocket, can be attached, operated and removed from the frame with one hand.

Twelve frames with the precision-embedded PogoTrack are being offered by ClearVision.

ClearVision President David Friedfeld said that there are three optical frames each for men and women and three sun wear frames each for men and women.

The eye wear will be made available only through eye care providers, according to Clompus.

“Our staff is working on other accessories that can be sold by the eye doctor,” Friedfeld said.

Clompus also introduced the PogoLoop, which enables a consumer to purchase the camera, place a loop on the temple of their existing glasses and attach the PogoCam to it.

“It’s a universal connector,” he said. “This will be a way to use the camera on several different pairs of glasses.”

He explained that the camera will take up to 100 photos and 2 to 3 minutes of video. Users can plug the camera into a Smart Case, recharge it in 35 minutes and download all of the images.

“The kit comes with a PogoCam, a Smart Case, a PogoLoop, a cable and a quick start guide,” Clompus said. The technology will be available in late June or early July, he said, creating a new profit center for eye care professionals.

“For the ECP, we see constant erosion of the margin,” Friedfeld said. “When the ECP can sell other products that are naturally attached to the frames, that becomes an addition. People will come up with other ideas of what can be attached to the track.”

PogoTec President and CEO Ron Blum, OD, said the company has been working on this technology for 18 years. “After 18 years of building electronics into eyeglasses, we have learned it’s better to attach electronics onto the eyewear,” he said.

Blum said when electronics are contained in the eyeglasses, it increases the thickness of the frame, the cost of goods and the cost to the consumer. “The worst thing is that it reduces the eye wear selection for the consumer,” he said.

– By: Nancy Hemphill, ELS, FAAO 

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