PogoTec Expands Team as Company Gears Up for
Consumer Availability in Optical Shops and Eye Care Offices


New York, March 31, 2017 – PogoTec, an innovative technology company with a focus on attaching wearables to eyewear, today announced the appointment of John Blake as Senior Director of the Optical channel. John will work to bring awareness of PogoTec products to the optical industry and implement product sales in vision care offices across the country.

“We are thrilled to welcome John Blake to the PogoTec family,” said Ron Blum, founder and CEO of PogoTec. “With an extensive background in the optical industry and experience with opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists, John is the ideal person to carry our message to the ECP channel.”

Before joining PogoTec, Blake served for more than 40 years at the Italian frame manufacturer and distributor, Safilo.  John most recently served as sales director for Safilo overseeing 100 professionals in 20 state territories.  

“PogoTec presents an exciting and compelling opportunity,” said Blake. “PogoTec has created an entirely new category for eyewear that combines both technology and fashion. The combination of PogoTrack and electronic wearable devices like PogoCam enhances the value of eyewear and creates tremendous opportunity for expansion. This is a platform that promises growth across multiple channels and provides compelling new profits for eye care professionals and optical shops.  I look forward to spreading the word.”


About PogoCam

PogoCam is the smallest and lightest camera attachable to eyewear in the world. PogoCam was designed for the mass market and is easy to use. It comes equipped with a five-megapixel sensor providing quality photos or video comparable to a smartphone. The camera is resistant to water and perspiration.  PogoCam is capable of capturing in excess of what a typical user would take per day. PogoCam can capture and store 100 still photographs or up to two minutes of continuous video having 720p HD video at 30 frames/second with full audio (six 30-second clips) before having to be downloaded and charged. The camera is activated by pressing a single button and images are uploaded to a mobile device. PogoCam’s camera function is focus free with auto-white balance making it easy for the user to capture high quality images and video. A Smart Case that easily fits in one’s pocket is included with each PogoCam.  Simply insert PogoCam into the Smart Case and it can recharge PogoCam up to five times in as little as 35 minutes for each recharge cycle. The Smart Case also transmits your images and video wirelessly to your smartphone using Bluetooth while it backs up your memories to its internal memory chip. PogoCam is designed to attach magnetically to frames having PogoTrack technology or to PogoLoop (universal connector which is attachable to the vast majority of eyeglass frames). While attached to PogoTrack, PogoCam can be moved along the length of the track – allowing the user to bring it forward only when in use. The camera can be attached and removed easily with one hand without removing the frames, allowing it to be stored in a pocket or purse when not recording images.


About the PogoCam Smart Case

PogoCam connects to the Smart Case using a standard USB-C connector and can hold 8,000 photos or up to 45 minutes of video. Measuring only 69mm x 40mm x 18mm, the device is designed to easily fit into a pocket to provide added protection and functionality to PogoCam. The Smart Case charges PogoCam in as short as 35 minutes and has the capacity to provide up to five recharges before being recharged itself. Once PogoCam is connected, all images and video are automatically transferred to an internal memory chip as well as any smartphones or devices connected via Bluetooth.



PogoCam and PogoTrack plans to be available at thousands of consumer locations in 2017, including eye care offices, optical shops, big box and specialty stores in the U.S. PogoCam and well-known branded non-prescription sunglasses with PogoTrack will be bundled for sale on the PogoCam ecommerce site, www.PogoCam.com and www.Amazon.com.  Prescription eyewear with PogoTrack will also be available in optical shops and eye care offices in 2017. Additional channel partners are being added for 2018 and beyond.


Pricing and Availability

PogoCam, including its wireless Smart Case and other accessories will have a suggested retail price of $169.00. When purchasing a PogoCam on PogoTec’s ecommerce site, PogoCam.com, initial customers purchasing PogoCam will receive a free pair of fashion non-prescription sunglasses with PogoTrack. Customers will also receive PogoLoop with purchase, a small, flexible connector that allows PogoCam to be attached to almost any style of glasses or sunglasses.  PogoLoop comes in multiple sizes and a template guide to help consumers choose the right size for their glasses. 


About PogoTec

PogoTec™, Inc is a privately owned company incorporated in Delaware. Its core initiative is to enable electronic wearable devices with a special focus on eyewear. PogoTec’s product offerings consist of; PogoTrack: a proprietary attachment means for attaching electronic wearable devices to eyewear while maintaining the fashion look of eyewear and PogoCam: the world’s smallest and lightest camera attachable to eyewear. PogoTec’s management team and Board of Directors have extensive experience in creating and commercializing innovation. PogoTec has been extremely diligent in protecting its intellectual property and has numerous patent applications filed around the world. For more information about PogoTec, please visit www.PogoTec.com.