Using the PogoCam’s smart case

Using the PogoCam’s smart case

So now that you’ve attached PogoCam to your favorite glasses and taken some photographs and videos, you’re ready to offload those photos, see what you got, and take more. That’s where the smart case comes in. To make the PogoCam as small and light as we wanted, we put all the storage, charging, and Bluetooth® features into a pocket-sized smart case. Here’s how to take advantage of it:

The PogoCam docks inside the smart case. While the camera is docked inside, the case recharges the camera and offloads all the photographs and videos to the case’s 16GB memory. So while your PogoCam holds 100 photos or six 30-second videos, the case can hold somewhere around 16,000 photos or 180 thirty-second videos. You probably won’t need to test that because the case will also connect to the PogoCam smartphone app via Bluetooth. So as soon as your photos are offloaded to the case, you can begin transferring them to your phone and sharing them on whichever social site you prefer.

PogoCam docked inside smart case

Here is how the case works:

You charge the smart case by plugging it into a computer, wall charger, or a car charger via USB cable. (You’ll want to be careful that you’re not using a phone’s “quick charger” as those can send too much voltage to the case.) While the case is charging, you’ll see a slowly flashing green light to the left of the cable input. When the case is fully charged, that light will be solid.

When PogoCam is docked in the case and offloading photos and videos, you will see a quickly flashing green light under the camera door. When the camera is done offloading, that light will flash more slowly. When the camera is fully charged, the light will become solid.

When you fetch photos from the case using the PogoCam app, a blue light in the middle of the case will illuminate indicating that a Bluetooth connection has been established.

Something to remember: the lights will only show when the case is powered on. The case will still charge when the power switch is in the off position, but you won’t see any lights to tell you that it is charging and when it is completely charged. A camera docked inside will not charge if the smart case switch isn't on. If you power on the case to see the lights, you’ll have to remember to power it off once it’s fully charged because as soon as it’s unplugged, it will begin discharging.

Pro tip: if you know you’re taking your PogoCam out for an adventure, charge both the camera and the smart case fully before you leave.

Once you have a fully-charged case, that case can fully recharge the camera three times while you’re out. However, you’ll find that you aren’t always fully charging the camera. More often, you’ll dock the camera into the case to offload photos and get a quick burst of charge while you do that. Don’t worry! Those “small sips” are actually better for Lithium-Ion batteries.

We don’t have any “carved in stone” best practices yet because we’re new to PogoCam too! But what’s been working for us is to take PogoCam out, fill it up and offload it to the smart case several times before syncing it to the app. The reason for this is that we’ve found PogoCam often goes where we don’t want to take our phone: kayaking for example. No reason to risk dropping your smartphone in the bay when the PogoCam is secured to your sunglasses.

We’re going to cover more about the case and the app in the next blog posts. Until then, got questions for us about the smart case? How about your advice on using the PogoCam and case together? Let us know at and we’ll feature your questions, answers, and advice in later posts.