Transferring videos and photos from the smart case to your computer

Transferring videos and photos from the smart case to your computer

Bluetooth® is great for transferring photos in small batches. When it comes to video or a large batch of photos, it isn’t as quick. We didn’t want to sacrifice the resolution or length of the videos for slight improvements to Bluetooth transfer. So, while you can transfer photos from the smart case to the PogoCam app on your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, you’ll use the included USB cable to transfer videos and large numbers of photos to your laptop or desktop computer.

Here is how that works:

  1. Connect your PogoCam to your smart case and switch the case on to transfer all images to the case
  2. Plug the USB cable included with your PogoCam into the case and into your computer
  3. Your computer may automatically launch a Finder window (Mac) or My Computer window (PC) but if not, you can open Finder or My Computer to see the case docked as an external drive
  4. Open the case in Finder or My Computer and then open the DCIM folder
  5. Drag all the files you want onto your desktop or into your preferred folder. Photos are .JPG files and videos are .AVI.

That’s all there is to it.

You can use the PogoCam app to delete all the files from the smart case to clean it up. Once the photos and videos are on your computer, you can edit them, email them, share them on your favorite social network, or whatever you please!

We have blog posts coming with some tips and tricks for transferring and editing video. Stay tuned!

And if you have any questions about video transferring (or anything else), let us know with an email to