The wearable you already wear

The wearable you already wear

At PogoTec, we love gadgets. When we set out to create a wearable camera, we didn’t want to make one that you have to work into your life. We also didn’t want to make something that wouldn’t fit your individual style.

Instead, we created a gadget that works with the wearable you already wear. Glasses or sunglasses, prescription or not--PogoCam fits your life, your style, your frames.

Glasses are the original wearable--the first gadget that we put on our body to enhance our abilities. They’re the perfect place to fix a camera to capture life from our point of view. While other inventors are re-inventing glasses or adding cameras to another accessory, we focused on making PogoCam as small and lightweight as possible so that you can take photos and record HD videos from your perspective without even noticing you’re wearing something new.

PogoCam attaches to any glasses with the PogoLoops that we include. We’ve also partnered with several eyewear manufacturers to create PogoTrack glasses--frames with a built-in metal track to attach PogoCam. As an introductory offer, we’re giving PogoCam customers a free pair of PogoTrack sunglasses while they last.

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