The best wearable tech in 2017

The best wearable tech in 2017

This year wasn’t dominated by a single wearable gadget but perhaps that speaks to how common our wearables are becoming. With PogoCam now available as the first removable glasses camera, we wanted to take a look at some of the spaces that wearables are moving into.


Fitness trackers were one of the first wearable tech devices to go mainstream. We’re almost surprised when someone isn’t wearing one these days. Those little fitness bands on your wrist aren’t the only wearables for fitness though.

Polar Team Pro Shirt

The Polar Team Pro Shirt is a smart shirt built for athletes that monitors heart rate and tracks GPS. It’s designed specifically for team sports to allow coaches to monitor their players.

Under Armour’s Gemini 3 RE are smart shoes. The sensor inside works with Under Armor’s MapMyRun app to track all your runs and help you improve.

Motiv ring

The Motiv Ring is a fitness, sleep, and heart rate tracker in a ring. It’s small and stylish and a less noticeable than even the smallest wrist tracker.


Speaking of rings, check out Token which offers two-factor authentication in a ring. Additionally, the Token ring works with MasterCard and Visa for payments and will even open the company’s line of deadbolts.


We’re even entering the stage where our earbuds are getting smarter.

Nuheara’s IQbuds work like other Bluetooth earbuds and even interact with Siri and Google Assistant. But they really stand out in their noise control features which allow you to tune in and out to the world around you and even hear speech better in loud places.

Google Pixel Buds

Not to be left out, Google’s Pixel Buds work natively with Google Assistant and will even work with Google Translate to translate foreign languages into your ears--your very own technological Babel fish.


PogoCam on glasses

Nobody is watching the camera space more closely than we are or with more excitement. While there are many options for action cameras or glasses with built-in cameras, PogoCam remains the only removable camera on the market. Our tiny camera shoots 5MP photos and 720p HD video. Most importantly, the PogoLoop adaptors that are included allow you to attach the PogoCam to almost any eyeglasses or sunglasses so that you don’t have to compromise your style when using PogoCam.