Taking Photos with PogoCam

Taking Photos with PogoCam

Welcome to our second blog post introducing you to the unique and innovative PogoCam. In this episode, we’re going to talk about how to take photographs with PogoCam. It’s a new device; it’s wearable; it’s tiny. The PogoCam doesn’t work like any other camera you have. So we want to show you how it works. But it isn’t difficult to use! You ready?

The PogoCam has two buttons: a gray button near the USB port on the camera that we call the “back” button and a black button near the lens of the camera that we call the “front” button. The reason we call these “front” and “back” instead of “top” and “bottom” is because you can attach the PogoCam to either the right or left arm of your glasses. Depending on which side of your glasses that you attach the PogoCam, the buttons can be on either the top or bottom.

To turn the camera on, you’ll press and hold the back button. You’ll hear 3 beeps telling you that the camera is booting up. Then you’ll hear 2 beeps telling you that the camera is ready.

After powering the camera on, taking a picture is as easy as pressing the front button. You press and release the front button. You will hear one beep. Hold still and wait until you hear a second single beep. This lets you know the photo is captured. Sometimes that confirmation beep happens quickly, sometimes not. What causes a longer pause between you pressing the button and hearing the second beep is simply the amount of light where you are photographing. Though it’s not a physical shutter, it operates similarly: less available light needs a longer exposure.

We’ll cover some basic photography tips in a later blog post but we don’t want to overwhelm you right now. We’d also love to hear your tips for taking photos with PogoCam. Email us at blog@pogotec.com to share your knowledge. Wearable cameras are new to us all. We’re excited to share all your tips and tricks right here!