Taking great family photos

Taking great family photos

With the holiday season approaching and family time with it, we thought we’d take a look at how to capture great family photos. Of course with PogoCam, your techniques are going to differ from traditional hand-held cameras. Here are some tips for taking photographs of your family (and friends!) during the holidays that take advantage of PogoCam’s unique point of view.

Get close

Whether it’s with PogoCam, your phone, or a DSLR, family photos look great when the group is really close. Don’t all stand side-by-side. Really squish in there.

The 74-degree angle on PogoCam isn’t too wide but it’s a good idea to get closer to your subjects. Don’t take a photo of a group from across the room. You don’t want a bunch of space around your group visible in the photo.

Pose but have fun

When we think of typical holiday family photos, we often think of the DSLR camera on a tripod with that blinking light counting down to the moment when we all say, “Cheese!” A pose is good to make sure we’re all visible and eyes are open. But holding that pose can suck all the life out of the picture. So encourage your family to pose but have fun with it. Come up with goofy poses that show off your family’s individual personalities.

family fun pose

Or capture the family in action

An under-used version of the family photo is one where everyone’s in action. You’ll have great opportunities for squishing the family all into one shot while they’re helping to make dinner or watching a child unwrap a present or playing a family game. Don’t be afraid of posing those moments a little bit to get a great result!

Find a great location

family campfire

Holidays are often about being at home but that doesn’t mean that family photos should be the stock photo of the family sitting at the hearth. Is it snowing where you are? Put the family on a sled. Is dad chopping wood for the fire? Put everyone to work around the woodpile. Are you all visiting a holiday light show in your city? Perfect opportunity for an out-of-the-norm family photo.

Explore your POV

With PogoCam, you’ve got the opportunity to frame family photos with your unique point of view. How do the kids look when you’re playing with them? Got a great shot of you and mom decorating cookies?

Holidays also give us opportunities to capture our families from unique perspectives. Don’t be afraid to take PogoCam off your glasses to capture something you might not be able to get with a phone or DSLR.

Keep the camera with you

So many family moments happen when we’re all together for the holidays. With a PogoCam on your glasses, you won’t have to experience those moments through a screen, waiting for the perfect snap.

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Got any other family photography tips? We’d love to hear them! Email your ideas to blog@pogotec.com. And enjoy your family time!

Please note: from time to time, PogoTec uses stock photography to demonstrate staging or other techniques as we have done in this post.