Recording Videos with PogoCam

Recording Videos with PogoCam

In today’s post on “Getting Started With PogoCam,” we’re covering how to record video. You already know about the two buttons--front and back. In our quick instruction on taking photos, you learned that the front button takes photos. Brace yourselves for the big reveal... the back button records videos. You never saw that coming, did you?

Here’s how it works: press and hold the back button to power on PogoCam. You’ll hear 3 beeps telling you that the camera is booting up. Then you’ll hear 2 beeps telling you that the camera is ready. Once the camera is ready to record, you can start a video by pressing the back button. You will hear two slow beeps to let you know recording has started. Press the back button again to stop recording video. You will hear two quick beeps to let you know video has ended

That’s it! That’s how simple it is.

Now, a couple of things to note. PogoCam will record a maximum of 30 seconds of video at a time. If you don’t hit the back button to stop recording a video, you’ll hear the two quick beeps that end recording when you hit 30 seconds. In general, the 1GB memory of PogoCam should hold about six 30-second videos. You can offload these to the smart case and start recording again quickly. (We’ll cover the smart case in the next blog post.)

We like 30 seconds because it’s easily shareable. But there is another advantage. We’ve found that a lot of great shared videos are really only about 10 seconds long. But if we limited the PogoCam to 10 second videos, you might miss the perfect 10 seconds. So we figured out that 30 seconds gives you (and us) time enough to catch a great moment and then edit that 30 seconds to the perfect 10 seconds for social sharing.  

Got any tips for shooting short videos and making them shareable? We’d love to hear them. Email us at to share your insight.