Our 5 favorite photo book applications

Our 5 favorite photo book applications

Digital photos are great. You can take thousands of them and not worry about storage. But there’s nothing like flipping through a book of your photos and the physical feeling of reliving your memories. Want to make a book of your photos? Here are our top 5 favorite photo book services:

1. Blurb

When you want a professional quality photo book, it’s hard to out-perform Burb. They have tons of options from size, to layout, to paper and cover options. They can do everything from simple automatically-laid-out books to meticulously-designed professional offerings. When you’re serious about a photo book, look here.

Upsides: total editorial control, many options for paper and covers, fantastic quality

Downsides: priced accordingly for such great quality, takes a lot of your time to create one

2. Shutterfly

Stylish and fun, Shutterfly is the place to go when looking for a unique photo gifts. Offering a little something for everyone, Shutterfly makes it easy to create and customize your own photo book or have a designer create one for you. With a variety of styles and sizes, you will be sure to find an option that fits your needs. In addition, Shutterfly offers a plethora of photo gifts, making it the one stop shop for all the photo prints you never knew you needed.

Upsides: ease of use, variety of options, affordability

Downsides: lesser quality, time consuming

3. Snapfish

Looking for quality on a budget? Look no further. Snapfish, established in 1999, is one of the longest running photo printing services, and for good reason. Known for their simple yet stylish photo books, Snapfish prides itself on affordability without sacrificing quality. Offering a straight-forward user friendly experience, Snapfish is a service that anyone can use. When it comes to value, Snapfish has a leg up on the competition.

Upsides: value, simplicity, high quality

Downsides: less customizable, fewer options

4. Parabo

With a simple, inviting web design Parabo makes it easy for anyone to create a photo book. Start off by choosing the photo book cover soft, hard, linen, or accordion style. All cover options offer an 8” wide photo book, with the soft cover offering both an 8” and 5.5” version. Printed on 100% recycled paper, Parabo takes the guess work out of choosing a photo book. Best part? They guarantee you’ll love your photo book, or you get your money back.

Upsides: simplicity, money back guarantee, recycled paper

Downsides: lack of options

5. Google and Apple photo books

Already integrated into your mobile device, Google and Apple photo books are changing the game. Unlike the other photo book applications we reviewed, these are an add-on to your device’s photo stream rather than a separate website. Being able to select photos you want without having to set your phone down? Yes, please. With some of the most affordable options on the market, Google and Apple photo books are perfect for creating a unique compiling of your instagram selfies or a birthday gift for a friend, but maybe not your wedding photos. While there are better choices when it comes to quality and customization, Google and Apple photo books have you covered when it comes to convenience.

Upsides: convenience, affordability

Downsides: lack of customization

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