Introducing PogoCam

Introducing PogoCam

Hi there. Welcome to POV — the brand new blog from PogoTec. We make wearable gadgets that add fun to your life without getting in the way. PogoCam (which you’ve seen all over this website) is our first product. It is a tiny camera that attaches to glasses. Whether this is the first you’ve heard of PogoCam, or you’ve been curious about it for a while, we’d like to introduce you to it.

What it is

PogoCam is a very tiny camera — only 1.7 inches long and weighing 0.2 ounces — smaller than a tube of lip balm.  It’s so small, you’ll barely notice it on your favorite pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. It attaches to your glasses with a small but powerful magnet. We work with several top eyewear brands to create frames with a feature that we call PogoTrack — a built-in track where the PogoCam attaches.

Don’t worry, though! At PogoTec we don’t want you to have to sacrifice your personal style for a wearable camera. So when you buy PogoCam, we give you 3 sizes of PogoLoop. The PogoLoop is an attachment for PogoCam that slips over the arm of your glasses frame.

With either PogoTrack and PogoLoop, you can wear the camera on the right or left side of your glasses.

To keep the camera so small and lightweight, we keep the storage and battery small. But no one wants a camera that can’t store a lot of photos and videos, right? So with every PogoCam, you also get a smart case. The case is small enough to slip in your pocket or purse without noticing.

smart case next to glasses

When you fill up the PogoCam with 100 photos or 6 videos, you simply connect it to the smart case which will hold 16,000 photos or about 180 thirty-second videos (or some combination of the two). While the smart case offloads all your photos and videos, it also charges your PogoCam. Basically, the smart case is your external hard drive, charger, and communicator.

We also know you want to share those photos right away. With the PogoCam app for iPhone and Android, you can! The smart case communicates to the app — on your smartphone or tablet — via Bluetooth®.

PogoCam app on iPhone or Android

Make no mistake: PogoCam is a new way to capture the moments you experience. It gives your photos and videos an intimate feel because it is your point of view. You won’t be watching your life happen on your screen while you snap a photo. You’ll be in it -- taking photos and videos of your experience as you see it!

We hope you’ll follow our blog where we’ll be sharing our tips and tricks for using PogoCam and where we hope to hear from you with your tips and photos. You can email us here at Tune in all week for more details on PogoCam.