Charging, storage, and clean-up of PogoCam and smart case

Charging, storage, and clean-up of PogoCam and smart case

We’re in the home stretch of our Getting Started blog posts. I hope these posts have shown you how easy and fun the PogoCam is to use. It’s not the same as a phone camera, for sure, but we’re confident that you’ll find new ways to use this tiny, wearable camera. Of course, we hope you’ll share your ideas with us and keep reading the blog.

In this post, we’re covering the end of the process of taking photos: clean-up. In the introduction to the smart case, we gave an example of how you might use PogoCam and the case: shoot a lot, offloading when you need to, and sync later. The clean-up phase is an extension of that. Like we’ve mentioned before, there are no hard-and-fast rules here. PogoCam is new to all of us.

That said, a good rule of thumb is: when you’re done taking pictures and recording videos for the day, offload everything to the smart case, move your photos and videos to your phone via the app or to your computer via USB, and then clear the memory of smart case.

As we’ve covered, the smart case can store approximately 16,000 photos or 180 videos so it’s easy to use it as an external drive and keep dumping photos and video on it. The strength of the smart case though is that it allows you to do more with the PogoCam while you’re out. But if you fill up the smart case, you won’t be able to offload the photos from PogoCam in a pinch.

So we suggest this practice: when you come home or get back into the car after an outing with PogoCam, transfer everything on the smart case to your computer and then remove everything from the case using the app.

PogoCam app menu

To do this, turn on the smart case and open the app. Tap on the “Smart Case” menu item at the bottom of the screen. If your smart case isn’t immediately recognized, press and hold the Bluetooth button for three seconds (a blue light will appear). Once your smart case is identified in the app, tap “Options” in the menu. There you’ll see a red link to “Delete all media from the Smart Case.” Tap it. You’re done.  

App options

Once you’ve synced the case to the app and removed all the photos and videos from the case, you’ll want to dock PogoCam in the case and recharge both case and camera. The best camera is the one you have with you after all and you’ll want PogoCam to be ready when you need it.

Got best practices of your own? We want to hear them! Send them to and we may feature them on the blog.