Capturing that perfect moment

Capturing that perfect moment

Everyone wants to know the secrets of capturing those perfect moments. Spoiler alert: there isn't one fool-proof way to do it.

Your phone camera might be fast but what if the flash is on auto and it ruins the picture? Your PogoCam might be on your glasses but what if it isn't awake? Your DSLR could be around your neck but the ISO isn't right. Photographer Chase Jarvis coined the mobile photography maxim: "the best camera is the one you have with you." But capturing the perfect moment isn't so much about the gear with you as it is about how you prepare to catch the perfect moment.

Timing is everything but maybe not how you think

The dirty secret of a lot of "perfect moment" photos is that some set up went into them. Don't let that intimidate you. Let that open up your imagination.

Want a perfect picture of your kids playing? Set up their favorite activity, make sure you have a lot of light, and power up PogoCam.

Want to capture unique video of your ski trip? Make sure you're wearing gloves that let you feel the buttons on PogoCam and hit record before you're racing down the slope.

Want the perfect pictures of an indoor birthday party? Make sure there aren't any lamps in the way of potential photos but light the room well. Set the ISO and shutter speed on your DSLR before the party but in the same lighting situation. If you want portraits, make sure the flash is on. If you want shots of the room, make sure the flash is off.

Sometimes the perfect moment requires the perfect gear

We're not going to tell you that PogoCam is the right camera for every situation. When you're kayaking, PogoCam will relieve you of the fear of drowning your smartphone. When you're photographing fast-moving children, you will want a camera that can shoot a lot of photos quickly. When you're shooting a vast landscape, you'll want a great wide-angle lens.

If you want to capture the perfect moment, do some forethought and carry the perfect camera to it. You can create beautiful photographs with any camera if that's your goal. But often, we just want to catch a fleeting moment.