The Beeps and Lights of PogoCam

The Beeps and Lights of PogoCam

Because PogoCam is attached to your glasses most of the time and does not have a screen, it communicates with you through a series of beeps and lights. It isn’t difficult to understand, but you probably won’t instantly know what PogoCam is telling you. Shipped with every PogoCam is a card that will fit in your pocket with a quick reminder of what all the lights and sounds on the camera mean.

Here is a longer breakdown of those PogoCam beeps and bloops.


You power on PogoCam by holding the back button until you hear three beeps. Then wait for two more beeps. Those two beeps tell you PogoCam has finished booting up and is now ready.

You take a photo by pressing the front button. You will hear one beep. Hold still. Wait until you hear a second single beep. This lets you know the photo is captured.

You start recording a video by pressing the back button. You will hear two slow beeps to let you know recording has started. Press the back button again to stop recording video. You will then hear two quick beeps to let you know video has stopped recording.

You power off by pressing and holding the back button. You will hear one beep followed by four quick beeps to let you know PogoCam is off.

If you do not take a photo or video for 90 seconds, you will hear five quick beeps to alert you that the camera is powering down.


While you don't need to see the lights to use PogoCam, two LEDs give different indications of the actions of the camera. This is what they mean. 

When you power on PogoCam, the green light in the back will flash slowly until the two beeps tell you the camera is ready. Then the light will flash more quickly.

When you use the front button to take a photo, the red LED on the side will flash once.

When you use the back button to record a video, the red LED on the side will flash continuously while the video is recording.

If the red LED is solid, the camera battery is too low to shoot photos. If the red LED is flashing rapidly (several times per second), the memory is full. PogoCam will continue to beep when you press the buttons even once the memory is full or battery low. The best thing to do in either case is dock the camera in the smart case where it will be recharged and offloaded.

That’s a lot to take in when you read it, but don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize it. Once you’ve used PogoCam a few times, all the beeps will make sense to you. Each series of beeps is distinct. They all tell you something different and usually, they just confirm to you that what you wanted to do, was done.

You can find more information about using PogoCam in our support section and specifically our Frequently Asked Questions. And of course, let us know if you have any other questions. We’d love to enhance your understanding of PogoCam. Email us at