Attach PogoCam to your favorite glasses with PogoLoop

Attach PogoCam to your favorite glasses with PogoLoop

As we mentioned in our first few posts, we designed PogoCam to work with your style. You can attach PogoCam to almost any pair of glasses or sunglasses with the PogoLoops included in the PogoCam package. In fact, attaching PogoCam to your glasses is so simple that you won’t believe we’re putting this in writing.

PogoCam comes with 3 PogoLoops —little metal mounts that slide over the arm of your glasses or sunglasses. A magnet on the side of PogoCam attaches to the PogoLoop.

You’ll first determine which Loop is right for which glasses. You can do this by eyeballing the loops and your glasses frames or using the sizing chart that is included in your package. You want a snug fit. You’ll also find you want to use different loops on different glasses. For example, my eyeglasses have narrower arms than my sunglasses. So I simply grabbed the largest loop for the sunglasses and a smaller one for my eyeglasses. Ideally, you’ll find the right size for your glasses and leave PogoLoop attached but you shouldn’t worry about taking PogoLoop off your glasses. It won’t damage your glasses.

Once you’ve got PogoLoop on your frames, you’ll attach the safety ring to the PogoCam. You’ll slide this over the arm of the glasses frame and slide the camera up to PogoLoop. The ring is a precaution against accidentally detaching PogoCam. Because the camera is attached with a magnet, a strong jostle or bump can dislodge it. If that happens, the safety ring will keep the camera hanging onto the arm of your glasses frame until you can reattach it to the PogoLoop.

Were you expecting more? That’s all there is to it. If you have any questions, let us know at