4 Quick Tips for Great Pics with PogoCam

4 Quick Tips for Great Pics with PogoCam

We get asked all the time if we have some quick tips for using PogoCam. In fact, we’ll have a whole category of this blog dedicated to this. We also share tips on Facebook and Instagram. To start you off, here are 4 things you need to know to get better pictures and videos with PogoCam.

1. Hats might get in the way

A hat with a brim might get into the frame when taking photos or videos with PogoCam. If you are wearing one, push the brim up so you’re sure it’s out of the way.

2. Keep PogoCam close to the end of your glasses’ frame

PogoTrack glasses with PogoCam

Whether you’re using PogoLoop with your own glasses or with our free PogoTrack glasses, you’ll want the PogoCam to be positioned as close to the end of the frame as possible.  For best results, have the front of the camera slightly in front of the eyeglass frame.

3. Don’t aim at the sun

Do not take photos or video into the sun. While it’s important to have plenty of light for the best photographs, try to have the sun behind you or over your shoulder when capturing images.

4. Wait for the second beep

When taking a photo, always wait until you hear the second beep before you move. In sunlight, you should hear the second beep in less than a second, but in dim light at night or inside it will take longer.

Got any tips for us? Or any tips you need? Let us know! Email blog@pogotec.com.