Woman taking photo with PogoCam camera attached to sunglasses

Discover the world from your point of view with PogoCam


A mini but mighty camera for glasses

PogoCam is smaller than a tube of lip balm and holds 100 photos or six 30-second videos before transferring to the smart case.

PogoCam wearable camera product image
    360 icon Drag to spin

    Use with your own glasses

    PogoLoop adaptors, to attach PogoCam magnetically example image

      Included with PogoCam are three PogoLoop adaptors which slide over the arm of the glasses you already own to attach PogoCam magnetically.

      POV icon

      Point of View

      Capture your experiences while staying in the moment


      Attach and detach to the glasses you already own

      HD icon

      High Definition

      720p HD videos and 5MP photos

      Smartphone app running on an iPhone

      PogoCam smartphone app

      Smartphone app running on an iPhone

      Transfer images wirelessly from the smart case to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth with our free iOS and Android apps.

      Easily share your photos and videos everywhere.

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      IHS Markit Innovation Award 2017 given at CES Showstoppers
      “PogoCam is a unique, modular take on camera glasses.”
      Featured in 2017 Tech Trends