Woman taking photo with PogoCam camera attached to sunglasses

Discover the world from your point of view
with PogoCam

A mini but mighty camera for glasses

PogoCam is smaller than a tube of lip balm and holds 100 photos or six 30-second videos before transferring to the smart case.

PogoCam wearable camera product image
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    Man wearing PogoCam camera on sunglasses offers woman ice cream on pier

    Stay in the moment

    PogoCam fits seamlessly into your life. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and there’s no digging it out of your pocket.

    Woman takes pic of man on bike while wearing PogoCam camera attacahed to sunglasses

    Photograph life as you see it

    The camera attaches to glasses or sunglasses on the right or left side to capture your point of view perfectly.

    Man doing bike stunts shot from camera wearer’s POV

    Focus on what matters

    Instead of looking down at your phone as you take a picture, PogoCam lets you experience the moment as you capture it.